fabulazerstokill you’re on a roll tonight I love youuu ❤️

I spend too much time thinking and not enough time saying and doing

Who else have I seen on my feed who’s great

xsatanslittlehelperx has the fuzziest face and looks so damn squishy and adorable and…

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My manager said I might look really good with dreads. HMMMMMMMMM

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I have this tattooed on me ahaha


do u ever just cum and it ain’t great and ur like “ok that one was super lame”

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Important PSA.

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Ya boy in the cut like 3 years ago #tbt #throwbackthursday #nobeard #imababy

Ya boy in the cut like 3 years ago #tbt #throwbackthursday #nobeard #imababy



I always thought it was funny as shit how the Eleven Satanic Rules of LaVeyan Satanism are more moral than the ten commandments. 



you’re hired



La Paz (AFP) - Bolivia on Wednesday renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state.

President Evo Morales announced the move during a talk with a group of educators in the city of Cochabamba.

It “means, in other words, we are declaring (Israel) a terrorist state,” he said.

The treaty has allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia without a visa since 1972.

Morales said the Gaza offensive shows “that Israel is not a guarantor of the principles of respect for life and the elementary precepts of rights that govern the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our international community.”

More than two weeks of fighting in Gaza have left 1,300 dead and 6,000 wounded amid an intense Israeli air and ground campaign in response to missile attacks by the Islamist militant group Hamas.

In the latest development, 20 people were killed after two Israeli shells slammed into a United Nations school, drawing international protests.

Bolivia broke off diplomatic relations with Israel in 2009 over a previous military operation in Gaza.

In mid-July, Morales filed a request with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to prosecute Israel for “crimes against humanity.”

Photos: Bolivian ambassador to the UN Sacha Llorenti wears keffiyeh in solidarity with Palestinians, July 2014. 

Viva Bolivia!


The Story So Far | Small Talk.


It’s 4 am and I just wish we spoke more

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Benedict Cumberbatch is stopped yet again from illegally downloading movies, God bless


I’m such a nice girl, I’m so sick of being fuckzoned!!!!!!!

What’s the fuckzone you ask? it’s this zone that guys put you in where they only want to fuck you; they don’t want to have a friendship with you and they aren’t satisfied with emotional commitment, they just want sex!!!!!

I’m a nice girl!!!! Stop putting me in the fuckzone!!!!!!!

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she’s so pretty ^.^

Marry me